Why SynMatrix360?

Standard Filter Design Software


SynMatrix360 is the world's first cloud based tool for microwave filter design. The first version named as "Gravity" mainly includes filter synthesis, Peak power handling analysis, computer aided tuning and convenient tools such as Monte-Carlo analysis and coupling matrix optimization. The software provides a fast and accurate overview of filter performances versus filter input parameters, such as the filter order, return loss, and positions of transmission zeros, to facilitate and standardize engineering and development work.

Coupling Matrix Synthesis with Arbitrary Topology

In order to offer the maximum design flexibility and convenience, SynMatrix360 allow user to define the arbitrary topology with numbers of real, imaginary and complex transmission zeros of the physical filter by simply defining the topology matrix. It can support more than 10 types of popular and practical topologies covering from academic research to industrial applications such as: Cascaded Trisection (CT), Cascaded Quadruplet (CQ), Cascade Quartets, Folded Configuration, Cul-de-sac Configuration, Arrow Configuration, Box Section, Hybrid Configuration etc.


Computer Aided Tuning (CAT)


As the world first online CAT software, Synmatrix360 apply the proprietary algorithm to incorporate the dispersive effect and spurious prediction to streamline your repetitive and time-consuming filters design work, offering engineer a fast and accuracy result. You can visualize the design improvement easily with our user-friendly interface. A shortened tuning cycle will dramatically lower your development cost and allow you to create more complicated designs.

Convenient Tools to Assist Your Design


SynMatrix360 provides user Monte-Carlo analysis and coupling matrix optimization function to assist the complex design work. No job is easy job. By applying these convenience tools on engineering work, user can do further analysis work on matrices stability investigation, coupling matrix optimization with arbitrary topology; allowing user to have reliable and primal development work.

Cloud Based Calculation

The SynMatrix360 platform is a cloud based service. No installation required and free updates. All calculation and optimization can be performed in the cloud to provide engineers a fast environment and cost-effective licensing options with the maximum security for mission-critical computing environments.


System Requirements

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  • Features
  • ✓Matrix Synthesis (Filter Order Up To 20)
    ✓Advanced Computer Aided Tuning
    ✓Coupling Matrix Optimization
    ✓Monte-Carlo Analysis
    ✓Power Handling Analysis
    ✓Dispersive Effective Analysis
    And More...
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